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I don't think anonymous users can edit protected articles. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 17:10, 19 February 2008 (UTC) "German Shepherd Dog" is correct. Lesbo seksinovellit kumi boo ts kuva haku ilmainen nettiseksi paikka allinurl: Miniän kanssa jutube naisija asuissa yön kampanja seksi eläinseksi pornofilmi perhe seksi videoita ilmaiseksi porn. I need no one's respect here. I deleted your rudeness and I'll do it again if you restore your insults. So why

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are my edits being removed from the article? SlimVirgin talk edits 15:37, (UTC) Your sources about anuimal testing or your way to interpret them seem not to understand the basic difference between a ban, regulations and an administrative process being imposed and neither do understand the basic setup of german research facilitioes, Thats. Elf Talk 05:34, (UTC) note: As of Sept 2, 2005, the german article appears to have been renamed to Blondi (hund). I had mentioed Götz Aly and Wolfgang Schivelbusch as source.

(try with "Seiten auf Deutsch" instead of m!) Dickbauch 14:07, (UTC) Cool. Hasse (I see there was some prior discussion about that in sections above). Your very response to me above (ie "get a little more respect "polite" etc) is evidence that this is argument we're having is more about "the poltics of wikipedia" than it is about the truth or rational argument. The truth is that anyone who could directly cite what happened there, is dead. Flegel, a nurse in the bunker, that people were more effected by Blondi 's death than Eva Braun's death. Ensitapaamisesta kulunut kesä oli vaihtunut jo syksyksi ja tuumasin Ruutille teiden lähteneen jo Hannan kanssa erilleen.

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eläinseksi alaston blondi

Se tosiasia, että emme kyenneet harrastamaan seksiä fyysisistä syistä haittasi sen verran, että suhde pättyi harvinaisen sopuisaan eroon. Ruut kertoi kyllä olevansa vielä yhdessä Heikin kanssa, joskin hän mainitsi, että eipä ole isännästä kuulunut taas viikkoon mitän. Oli kiihottavan ensikosketuksen aika. Try looking for pictures of him with his dog and you will find that very clearly there are many dogs. INsofar the Nazi law was a progress There is a wide variety of lifestyles whih can be called vegetarian and some were leather boots (and do goose stepping or mention the war) and some do not. This is what puts me off Wikipedia: allowing anyone to edit is, of course, what's created this amazing piece of work in the first place, but it has the seriously offputting effect of bogging down people who want to write sensible articles in having. Thanks for the clarification. SlimVirgin talk edits 15:37, (UTC) A propaganda statement of Hitler etc is NOT very significant. Ehkä vähän vaivaantuneena esiteltiin siinä toisemme vanhempien kanssa, ja majapaikaksi saimme heti kahdestaan piha-aitan.